Oops. Seems that after five or six years of writing this blog, I've finally run out of photo space. Tried uploading a photo and a message flashed up on the screen informing that I need to pay BCUK a ludicrous amount of money (can't remember the exact figure, but to a skint old hermit like moi even a minumum amount of dosh is ludicrous) in order to up my photo capacity from 1GB to 10GBs (whatever that means). So, as my bloggeau just wouldn't be the same without photos, I've reluctantly decided to call it a day here and continue my blethering at my other blogsite which I started some time ago in order to escape the attentions of a saddo heckler. Ah well, life goes on. Many thanks to all my chums and chumettes on this very friendly blogsite for your much appreciated comments and, more importantly, for taking the trouble to read my drivel. Toodle pip.